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Helping Veterans, Federal Employees and their Families Succeed!

We put your needs first.

Military and Federal Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation with the mission of providing help, hope and healing to single income families of the military, veterans, civilian state and federal employees. Many times the families of veterans and civilian officers cannot make ends meet and suffer separation from loved ones. We strive to help those who help to provide us with national and local law enforcement security, many times sacrificing their own lives in the process.

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"MFAP reserves the right to assess if the donation could be accepted by our organization. We request that you allow our analysis to be completed prior to a response from MFAP. Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration."

Old San Juan was founded in 1521. The colonial city shows its best side from the harbor. It is a city with proud and rich heritage, tempered by ancient calamities of war, pirate attacks, earthquakes and hurricanes. The face of colonial Spain, undistorted by modern innovations, can still be seen in the streets of San Juan, through its courtyards, overhanging balconies and religious shrines. Recently, 500 years of the founding of San Juan were celebrated and the King of Spain visited the Old City.

My mother was a wonderful watercolor painter, kind, generous, loving, very intelligent and spiritual. She studied at Barnard College in New York and became a teacher to high school girls. She taught chemistry, physics, biology and French. Her French pronunciation was of high quality and she always taught me how to make it sound guttural. I miss her to this day after she passed at 101. Her art work surrounds me with her loving kindness. She always wanted her birds, flowers, buildings and farm land to make people happy in their homes. Her art is love.

In 1898, her paternal grandfather, Dr. Francisco del Valle, was elected mayor of the City of San Juan by then governor John R. Brooke. He was re-elected in 1907 and served until 1910. While serving as a politician he also practiced medicine and surgery and wrote about improving public health. One of his sons, Pedro del Valle, rose to the rank of General in the USMC.  (citation by CEO/MFAP)



MFAP is dedicated to promote the physical, spiritual and emotional health of active military, veterans and federal civilians who may have acquired trauma during their service to our nation.

As a resource to promote trauma resolution, the Trauma Toolbox which you can click on below and read (free of charge). This workbook will teach you or someone you know important methods such as identifying a subjective unit of distress or SUDS, picturing the positive effects on the brain during focused breathing, and many other methods for healing. It is our privilege to present this valuable and well-researched information which can improve quality of life.

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Military and Federal Assistance Program (MFAP)

How we got our start!

Since opening in 2000, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again.


We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Get in touch with us today to learn how Military and Federal Assistance Program (MFAP) can help you.

Right: Baseball autographed by the legendary Mickey Mantle auctioned and SOLD for $2,500 to benefit Military and Federal Assistance Programs (MFAP).

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Limited Edition Item

Basketball signed by Michael Jordan with a Certificate of Authenticity. Starting bid is $6,000!


MFAP auctions and sells items to benefit veterans, federal workers and their families.


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Doing Business the Right Way


MFAP liaisons with other nonprofits and grant donors to strengthen mental health in communities and for suicide prevention. We will sponsor different types of events such as business development workshops, Art Therapy for Veterans and Full Immersion into Mindfulness and Relaxation workshops. The Trauma Toolkit free for your use below is a gift from MFAP to you or for someone you may know. It is based on neuroscience and best practices.


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2012 Chrysler Model Town and Country

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